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Hi, I'm Barbara Gazzaniga and Gazzella is my breeding prefix-  I have been showing and breeding cats for more than 30 years, and my first love were the semi-longhairs, Birmans and Turkish Vans. But in 1981 I saw an article in 'Cat World' about 4 spectacular kittens from an unplanned mating between a Burmese queen and a Chinchilla male, by the late Miranda von Kirshberg (see ' Celebrating the BURMILLA'). 

They were short haired and of Burmese type with a fantastic ' Silver coat'.  Like many people I instantly fell in love with these delightful kittens and wanted one.  Three years later I saw an advertisement by Charles and Thérèse Clarke for 'Burmilla' (as these cats were to be called) kittens, I instantly got in touch and arranged to see the kittens.  This was the beginning of a life long friendship with Charlie and Thérèse with whom I started the 'Burmilla Cat Club. 

At this time I  was also a founder member of the Cat Association of Great Britain (CA), which later became the British member of the Fifé and my first kitten Kartush Amretea was also the first Burmilla to be shown.  I have been breeding Burmillas ever since with a short break when pressure of work forced me to give up breeding until I retired in Dec 2003.  And in 2004 I bought Katchadream Alabama my new foundation queen (now retired).  I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have in putting them together.

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The professional photographs of my cats are by Robert Fox LBPPA
Click here for more of Robert’s work

Pretty Princess Delight
Is looking forward to puppies midMarch more information soon.

Bel’s  Kitten at 14 weeks old, he can be seen now and will be ready for this new home from 20.01.19.

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Kissamummon Pikku Vigi
Burmilla: blue shaded golden
AKA Viggi, arrived in the UK from Finland on 15.03.14.
Her fourth litter of kittens, with GrCh Welbrand Ghost due  in August news and photos when kits are born.

Gazzella Lorenzo:
AKA Lorenzo Burmilla Blue Shaded Silver Stud

Introducing our newest young Burmilla stud, who is taking over from Toddi. But he will still carry some of Toddi’s genes as his mother is Kissamummon Pikku Vigi.a half sister to Toddi.

Daylight Raindrops on Roses:
Burmilla chocolate Tortie shaded silver
AKA Rosie
Introducing Rosie, she is Chocolate Tortie Shaded Silver and I’m looking forward to having red and torties in my lines again. I am planning her first litter for early next year


Gazzella Meine Bel Gazou

Burmese Lilac,

Bel is Stacey’s daughter and is of the palest lilac with pure amber eyes, and a sweet nature.  She is in kitten to Maverick and is due later this month.

Firefly Maverick:  Introducing our Brown Burmese Stud.

Maverick was imported from Australia by Michael Quick and has now be puchased by myself and Caroline Turner-Russell to be our first Burmese stud boy.  A big handsome brown Burmese with striking amber eyes, with a super temprement which belies the slightly angry look he give you.

There will be kittens y him soon.


IC Astarte v. Blauen Palais
urmese lilac
aka Stacey came from Germany as a mature queen to start a new line of Burmese.  She has a  litter of 2 lovely kits by Merry born 17.02.18 As they are both boys they will be going to pet homes

Kit 1

Kit 1 Bobby Dazzler:  chocolate boy

Kit 2 Betty Boop: lilac girl

Kit 3 Blue Belle: Blue girl

 Kit 4 Britannia:  chocolate girl

All four kits are available, they can be seen from beginning of August and will be ready for their new homes from beginning of September .

These kits have excellent pedigree and super temperament. Potential show/breeding

Kittens from
(German imp)
Maverick  (Australian imp)

Date of Birth
29th May 2019